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Guide to the Federal Budget 2018

The Federal Budget for 2018-19 has been structured to achieve:

  • The generation of opportunities for businesses and workers.
  • Continued economic growth and employment growth.
  • Reductions in tax payable for low to middle income earners.
  • A fairer tax system by cracking down on the cash economy.
  • A balanced budget in two years and then moving to surplus budgets to repay national debt.
  • A more competitive economy with enhanced export potential.
  • More aged care facilities and pensioner benefits.

This year’s Budget is very pro-business mixed with some significant social measures to assist sectors such as aged care, education, health and indigenous well-being.  Calling this a pre-election Budget would be simplistic and not a fair assessment of measures that have been announced to address important needs across the economic and social spectrums of the Australian community.

Click here to read our analysis details the tax and superannuation measures in this year’s Federal Budget.


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