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Three ways Xero can transform your business

As a Xero Certified practice we know the benefits of cloud accounting are many. Here are three key benefits that can help your business.


  1. Better collaboration with your accountant 

A Xero study found 42% of successful business owners enjoyed an ‘excellent’ relationship with their business advisor. Cloud accounting allows your advisor to have a complete overview of your business, and rather than undertaking only transactional tasks for you, can give you strategic advice and ideas.


  1. Automation saves you time

Take advantage of functionality like setting up automatic invoice reminders or rules to code transactions for faster, more efficient bookkeeping.


  1. Work from anywhere

In 2016, there’s no need to be tied to one location. Have an office in Darwin and one in Alice Springs and work from the same ledger no matter where you are.

Cloud accounting has brought flexibility and agility to business like no other innovation in recent years. Talk to us to find out how it can work for you.


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