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Wine Industry Update – July 2018

This month, Wine Australia released its plans to invest $67.8M over the 2018/19 year to ensure the sector remains globally competitive.

In addition to this spending, Wine Australia, with the assistance of the Australian Government’s $50 million Export and Regional Wine Support Package, delivered a four day program in the USA during July 2018 called ‘Australia Decanted’ where they gave USA trade experts and industry leaders the opportunity to experience and discover Australia’s diverse and thriving wine scene on their own home soil.

Some of the major $67.8M budgeted activities to be delivered include:

  • increasing social media activity and investment in e-commerce platforms such as T-mall, WeChat and Weibo
  • setting up a new consumer website and consumer-targeted activations program in China and the USA
  • continued co-investment with Tourism Australia to attract international tourists to our wine regions
  • delivery of wine export and tourism capability development workshops
  • implementation of the announced twenty one international wine tourism projects covering more than twenty regions (with a total project value of $7.5 million)
  • implementation of more than $10 million invested in state-based international wine tourism strategies.

Quick facts

Free-on-board wine export value increased by 39% from $1.9 billion to $2.65 billion over the past three years (July 15 to March 18).

The national average wine grape purchase price increased by 22% from $463 per tonne to $565 per tonne over this same period.

A record 56,912 export approvals were processed by Wine Australia during the twelve months to May 2018.

More people in the USA consume Australian wine than in Australia:

  • Approximately 87% of Australian wine consumers drink Australian wine (equating to 8.7 million regular Australia wine drinkers).
  • On the other hand 19% of regular imported wine consumers in the USA drink Australian wine (equating to 18.05 million regular Australian wine drinkers). This makes USA the largest population of Australian wine drinkers globally.
  • The next largest population of Australian wine drinkers is China with approx. 15.48 million consumers (equating to a 30% share of imported wine drinkers) then the UK with 12.58 million consumers (being 44% share).

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